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I am currently Associate Professor of English and Cultural Studies at McMaster University in Hamilton, ON. Since 2010, I have served as Editor of the journal Eighteenth-Century Fiction.

My research and teaching interests include

  • British literature and culture of the long eighteenth century
  • orientalism, imperialism, racism, and other ongoing projects of Enlightenment-era settler colonialism—and how to undo them
  • material culture and the politics of taste and aesthetics
  • poetics, narrative, theory, and how literatures think
  • structures of feeling and genealogies of subjectivity
  • modes of collective thought and action
  • #BIPOC18, #Bigger6, #LitPOC

I am completing a SSHRC-funded research project tentatively titled “A Funny Thing: The Undisciplined Eighteenth Century.” For more about this project, see my recent talks and publications.

I am beginning a new SSHRC-funded research project entitled “Diasporic Placements: Temporality, Taiwan, and Ways of Locating Anticolonial Knowledge.” Stay tuned.

I also publish poetry and non-academic essays.

I currently serve

I hold a BA in English and Comparative Literature from Columbia University (1998) and an MA and PhD in Literatures and Cultures in English from Brown University (2005). Before arriving at McMaster, I taught at Haverford College (2005–06) and the University of Arkansas (2006–09). I grew up in Rochester, NY.

Find me on Twitter at @zugenia

I have long and haphazardly blogged at The Procrastination Salon

I used to publish under the last name “Zuroski Jenkins,” but I now wish to be cited as “Zuroski.” Explanation here.

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